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Commentary and Photography by:

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.."

Okay, so maybe they aren't everywhere, but they certianly are fairly common. And often rather odd. Anytime i travel, i end up taking photographs of various signs. It's just one of those odd things that i do. So here are some signs that i saw around Austin during SXSW06.

First up: A Fir-Ju Well and their damned signs. These people put painted wooden signs all over Atlanta, and we can't even get away from them in Texas! Argh!

The 'Dillo is the street car of downtown Austin. I liked this sign on a fence that featured a dead armadillo. I wonder if the sign maker was commenting on mass transit?

One of my favorite signs ever: Despair, Inc. I wonder what the company does?

I'll have to take their word for it, seeing as i never went into this establishment.

Good to know that even though the second story of this building on 5th street had a fire, you can still lease it!

Morrissey played at Emo's during SXSW. We didn't feel like fighting the crowds to get in. This banner hung on Emo's, and the view is from our hotel room.

Here is a view of that same banner seen from street level.

Tracers took this photo of me toasting the ToneVendor banner at their day show at End of an Ear.

Not exactly a sign, this is the painted cover of the speakers (obviously owned by The Octopus Project) that were used at the Peek-a-boo Records day show.

Also not a sign. But i liked this graffiti on the window of Coyote Ugly.

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