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2012 Year End Best Of

Minion Name:
  Indoor Miner  
  1. Goatman by Goat
  2. Looter's Game / Highs And Lows by People's Temple
  3. Estefania, the Great by My Laundry Life
  4. Centurion Travel EP by Bomber Jackets
  5. Second Blood EP by Claro’s Intellecto
  6. Crumhorn by Thee Ludds
  7. Crazy Dreams by The Band In Heaven
  8. Lafaye by School Of Seven Bells
  9. Biker Bitch by Thee Cormans
  10. Shangaan Shake by Demdike Stare & Hype Williams

Best of the rest...
I’d Rather Be Lonely
by The Black Angels
Dune Walker
by Dirty Beaches
Heaven Help The Child
by Mickey Newbury / Bill Callahan
by Divorce / Jailhouse Fuck
Season Of Risk
by Ether Island
Form and Function / Ursids
(split single) by Hookworms / Kogumaza
Hello Darkness
by Martyn
EP by Oubys
Onwards To The Wall
by A Place To Bury Strangers
The Revolution
EP by Retribution Gospel Choir
Red Ribbon
by Throwing Up
Angel In The House
by Wil & Tarl

Jean Genie (original)
b/w 1972 TOTP version by David Bowie

  1. World Music by Goat
  2. Sweet Heart Sweet Light by Spiritualized
  3. Ghostory by School Of Seven Bells
  4. False Positives by Akatombo
  5. Psychedelic Revolution by Julian Cope
  6. Mid Air by Paul Buchanan
  7. WIXIW by Liars
  8. Every Day Is Like The First Day by Malka Spigel
  9. Line The Wall by Bo Ningen
  10. One Day I’m Going to Soar by Dexys

Best of the rest...
Photo’s Of Photo’s
by Carlton Melton
by Cat Power
by Glowpeople
by Moon Duo
No Love Lost
by The Nightingales
by Pet Shop Boys
by Iggy Pop
This Is PiL
by PiL
FRKWYS Vol. 9: Icon Give Thank
by Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengres Meet The Congos
Cambridge Blue by Three Fields

Reissues / Remixes / Etc
Electric Warrior 40th Anniversary
by T.Rex
Lost Tapes
by Can
The Dawn Years
by Mungo Jerry
Corner of the Dub
by Solus 3
by Julian Cope
Grinderman 2 RMX
by Grinderman

  1. Bo Ningen / F*g M*chine / Mother Of Six (Compass, Chester)
  2. Wooden Ships / The Uninvited (Central Station, Wrexham)
  3. The Nightingales / Ted Chippington (The Vaults, Shrewsbury)

Best of the rest...
Nine Black Alps (Ruby Lounge, Manchester)
Death In Vegas / Victorian Hardware (Central Station, Wrexham)
Moon Duo / Loom (Central Station, Wrexham)
Martin Rev / Laser Dream Eyes (Club Academy, Manchester)
Patti Smith (Academy, Manchester)
Von Haze (Compass, Chester)

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