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The 7 Sponge Rating Standard for Album Reviews


The details of this Rating System have been composed by PostLibyan. This is a good thing, since he does the bulk of the Concert Reviews at any rate.



One Sponge: This is pure, unadulterated CRAP. Don't waste your time. Brendan will harm these people if he ever encounters them at a bar.



Two Sponges: This is better than sheer crap, but on the whole it is still a weak album. The recording in question is for true fans of that artist/genre only.



Three Sponges: This is an average album. Could serve as fodder for a nameless pop station.



Four Sponges: A decent album, that fans of the given artist/genre will think is "tha bomb". Others will probably disagree.



Five Sponges: An above average album. Will emotionally touch the average human being.



Six Sponges: A pretty damn good album, but not quite the pinnacle of the recording arts.



Seven Sponges: An instant classic. BUY NOW or you won't be able to say "Oh, i got that when it came out!" Also, if Brendan encounters you and you don't have it, there will be consequences!



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