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  Swim Team
  Christelle Bofale
  Father/Daughter Records  
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Christelle Bofale is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter based in Austin, TX. She is the first generation descendent of Congolese immigrants.

She is joined by a three piece band here, and the music that they make is a kind of light dreampop. Bofale has a light voice, and she plays guitar in a way that sparkles brightly, often accompanied by a jazzy sort of rhythm section. It's a pretty engaging sound.

Moving On, Getting On kicks off her debut EP as a light jazz tune, her voice scattered over some light instrumentation. At the end of the song, there is a long slow guitar solo, like Robin Guthrie playing in a jam band.

The next song starts with a faint intro of her voice just floating along, and then Love Lived Here Once gels into a pop jazz tune. Bofale's voice is husky and faintly sad here.

Bassist John Bergin plays a wonderful rolling riff under the guitars on Origami Dreams. Bofale's voice is breathy and higher than it sometimes is on this EP. But the beat really makes this, which is a great rolling tune and my favorite here.

The next song is called U Ouchea, which i guess means something in Congolese, but i cannot find anything concrete on Google. No matter. This is a seven and a half minute song that meanders, and yet is also very pretty. "It's raining inside of me," she sings, and then she sings about her parents fighting, i think. At any rate, she wants to escape. The song is very beautiful with lovely guitar layers and her voice used very well, and yet it is also disturbing in a way.

And finally the EP ends with Where To Go, her voice close and breathy as guitars tinkle. Again, a beautiful song.

Ms. Bofale has released a wonderful debut EP, and i look forward to more from her.

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