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Centaur is the latest incarnation of former Hum guitarist/vocalist Matt Talbott. It sounds like Hum. I realize that this may not be the brilliant, Lester Bangs-esque criticism you’ve come to expect from me, but dammit, it sounds like Hum.

Did you like Hum? If yes, then get this album. If no, then don’t.

I hate to reduce the guy’s new band down to a comparison with his old one, but when you go out and make a record with your new band that would fit seamlessly into the output of your old band, had that band not broken up, then that’s what you get.

I liked Hum. Therefore…

This album is another inthe "drown-the-office" rotation. I generally get my Centaur/Hum dose early on, before the coffees kick in.

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