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  Reservoir Song  
  Crooked Fingers  
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A five song EP of Crooked Fingers doing studio renditions of some of their/his most popular live covers. Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen, Kris Kristofferson, Queen and Prince all get Bachmannized before it’s over. If you’ve seen the Crooked Fingers live show more than twice you’ve probably heard him do at least one of these covers.

I was somewhat disappointed in the studio versions, myself, in that I was accustomed to the energy and pathos of the live renditions and found the tinkered in-house sound a bit soulless. Also, I found the general sound to be “been there, done that” when compared to the two Crooked Fingers albums proper.

Still, it’s Bachmann, and I’m a FanBoy, so I enjoyed it, and I’ll be quick in line to pick up his 2003 release too. But you might not be so keen as I.

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