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  Whatever You Love, You Are  
  The Dirty Three  
  Bella Union / Touch And Go  
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There is music , and then there is MUSIC. That is, there are people who pose and bang at intstruments, maybe occasionally talking about "art" or attempting to make a statement around their tasks of "scoring chicks" and drinking beer. Then there are people who feel, who use their proficiency with an instrument to fill the painful gaps in their existence. Both types of bands have their place -- sometimes you wanna rawk out, and sometimes you want catharsis. The Dirty Three provide catharsis.

I listen to their albums (this being the fifth CD by them that i have purchased) when i just want to listen to something and not be pressured by it. You know how it is -- some CD's remind you that should not be such a slacker and should get up off of the couch and clean or do something instead of just sitting there, and some CD's invite you to explore the sounds and just listen. The Dirty Three invite me to listen and journey with them. I have minimal musical training, so i am not sure exactly what it is, but there is some feature of The Dirty Three's music (i think buried in the rhythm) that conveys movement to me. Physical movement. I close my eyes, listen, and feel as if i am floating on the ocean, or travelling over the waves on a boat. There is "oceanic" imagery on the CD covers, and maybe i interpret the movement in such a fashion because of the images. Nonetheless, it's cool. This CD makes me crave seafood (go figure!)

You might well ask if this album is the best of the five Dirty Three CD's i have. A perfectly reasonable question. The answer is "No." That might seem odd given it's high rating. Really, i LOVE this CD. I have listened to it almost daily in the weeks that i have had it. However, it is not their best release, nor is it their worst. In fact, i think that this pretty much blends in perfectly with Ocean Songs and UFKUKO, their two previous releases. The Dirty Three are in a groove -- they have figured out how to balance the guitar, drum, and violin in the recording mix (making these three releases stand out from their earlier work). It sounds great, but i do not listen to this album and get an epiphany.

One thing that does stand out on this disc is the use of delay pedal on the violin. It is used to amazing effect and stands out better than ever before. The songs positively swell (again, "ocean" and "movement" come to mind).

So should you buy the disc? Hell yeah.

I find this CD perfect for:

  1. napping on the couch after a long day at work
  2. late night reading
  3. playing addictive video games all night even though you know that you have to be at work at 9 A.M.
  4. meditation
  5. quality time with cats/partner/etc.
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