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  Loaf Records  
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  Indoor Miner  

Circles is a four track EP by the six piece Dark Captain Light Captain who I must admit are new to me, but apparently this is their second release and they include a drummer called Chin Of Britain.

The promo blurb reckons that Circle's contents have a Can-like drive, but I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Sure there are times here when Dark Captain Light Captain appear locked in a groove, but it's in an altogether gentler way than those Krautrock legends. There are, however, shades of last year's excellent Caribou album, Andorra, and if you like that record you could certainly do worse than to check this out.

The EP opens with Circles itself, a melancholic, repetitive (in the best sense of the word!) number, with a lilting beat and almost whispered vocals that bring Elbow to mind. It's gorgeous! "Gorgeous" is a word that could also be used to describe Robot Command Centre's pretty riff and almost achingly beautiful tune, topped off with gentle vocals and some great woodwind. They Be Underwater opens with something of a Four Tet-like feel, before becoming a folky, finger picked acoustic as is the closing number, Walls. with its sombre minor chords and heartfelt harmonies.

Apparently there's an album due later in the year. If this EP is anything to go by, it's going to be well worth investigating. A fine release.

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