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  Ticket to Immortality  
  The Dears  

Bella Union

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As a teaser for the latest Dears record, we have this 7". I have come to enjoy the other 7"s i own from this band. The Dears tend to work well in this format, so it is worth picking up their singles. Usually.

On the A-side of this record, we have the Radio Edit of Ticket to Immortality, which is okay but not spectacular. In all honesty, this would not have been my choice of lead off single from the album. It is a decent pop song with a strong rocking rhythm bit. It's not awful, but i know that The Dears are capable of doing this sort of thing much better.

The B-side is the non-album track The Highest. This is a slow number, one of Mr. Lightaway's melancholy tunes. Listening to it, i understand why it is a B-side as opposed to an actual album track, as it meanders along moodily but doesn't real go anywhere or reach any sort of catharsis.

So neither song really wows me. Combine this with the fact that there is no speed on the record (a fact which bothers me to no end), and i am left with a disappointing piece of vinyl. I have come to expect more from The Dears, and this really does nothing for me.

Now, that said, i am still looking forward to the album. Maybe Ticket to Immortality will work better in a larger context.

I hope so.

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