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Death Kit

  Fort Lowell Records  
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Sadly, i only received a digital copy of this little 7 inch from Fort Lowell Records. They are a Tucson based label, which is kind of odd because you just donít hear of a lot of music coming from Arizona. Anyway, this is a good showcase for the label, as it features three of their acts. There are four songs here, which i will discuss for you.

The A-side to the single is Devadesi by Death Kit. It starts with some thunderous drums before a funky synth beat comes in, along with a male voice singing lightly and high pitched, like he is about to break down emotionally. This vocal style reminds me of Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu. However, the music is funky indie disco, which makes this song sound like Telefon Tel Aviv remixing Xiu Xiu. Now that i have typed that, it's a pretty awesome idea, and in fact it is well executed here. The song has a great beat and the synths really swell up on the chorus. Great stuff.

The B-side is a remix of the Death Kit song I Can Make You Love Me, which was Death Kit's debut online release, here remixed by an act called video? Yes, really -- the name of the remix artist is " ... music video?". (Although i despise putting punctuation in band names, i like the addition here, which makes it seem uncertain.) Anyway, I am unfamiliar with the original, but i like what i hear. There is some echo and a slow, spacey feel to the tune, which again is good indie disco.

The digital release also features two "hidden B-sides". I haven't heard that term before, but i guess they mean tracks you get with the download that are not on the physical vinyl. Whatever. The first of these tracks is another version of I Can Make You Love Me, although instead of a second remix, this is a cover by label mate Tracy Shedd. I am not familiar with her either (this whole "Arizona thing" is all new to me), but apparently she is a folk singer. This version is piano, jangly guitar, tambourine rhythm, female voice, and some oohing backing vocals. It is catchy and fun, and i find that Ms. Shedd's voice reminds me of Jen Wood. Well done.

The fourth and final track is Death Kit remixing the Tracy Shedd song Tear It Up. Again, i am unfamiliar with the original, but i like this. Death Kit take Shedd's voice and add a ton (a metric ton at that) of echo to it, and cover it with slow, sparse synths. It is only 2 minutes long, but it is a lovely ambient two minutes.

My overall verdict -- this is good stuff. If this is what Fort Lowell Records are all about, then i look forward to hearing more. It appears that there is something musically interesting happening out there in the desert. Who knew?

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