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  split 7"  
  Dikembe / The Jazz June  
  Tiny Engines  
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Tiny Engines has been releasing a lot of nice split 7"s for a time now. Fortunately for me, they have been sending them to me in digital format. While not as perfect as holding the record, the music is good, so i can't really complain.

The A-Side here is Healer Of The Pride by Dikembe, from Gainesville, FL. This is a nice, clear, rock tune. Guitars sparkle, the vocalist sings in a gasping voice, and the drums move along unhurriedly. Catchy and fun.

The B-Side is Over Underground by The Jazz June, who are apparently from Berks County, PA. Huh. Anyway, this tune has shades of the mid 1990s. The recording is a little blurry, and the instruments are turned all the way up, so that the vocals have to be screamed over the music. The guitars trade licks like Jim and Mac on No Pocky For Kitty. Hells yeah! This one makes me want to bounce around like a fool.

Two pretty good songs, although it is that B-side that really impresses me. You can listen on BandCamp.

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