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  Choose Your Own Apocalypse
  Drug Couple
  PaperCup Music  
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I love the title of this EP, the second release by Drug Couple. In fact, i kind of like the name of the band. And i take it, from reading their sites, that they are an actual couple of Miles and Becca. Apparently they have been at this since 2019, and they have a nice sound.

Miles has a mumbly voice, kind of lost in the music, but Becca has a loud, forceful, clear voice. The two of them actually harmonize well. No other musicians are listed on the BandCamp page for this, so i guess that they do the drums, bass, and guitars themselves.

The EP kicks off with their voices harmonizing along some chiming guitar notes, then the drums tink in and Miles mutters the intro to 2027, a song about life in post-apocalyptic New York. Their voices sound really great here, with nice forceful drums driving the tune along.

The drums skip along on No Legged Dog, which meanders happily. On the chorus, keyboards, guitars, lots of drums, and the two of them bellowing along make it gloriously messy. Again, it's a wonderfully poppy tune.

Becca starts off Bottomless, singing slowly as guitars plunk along. It's a slow, tune that seems very melancholy after the shambolic energy of the first two songs.

Itís back to the skipping beats on The Ghost, which moves between the two vocalists nicely as it skips along.

The next song is called Missing To Mars. The end of this song features both of them singing forcefully while picked instruments chime, like mandolin and banjo or something. It is as if on this tune they channel Green-era R.E.M.

Finally the EP ends with Ain't That Heavy, which features folky acoustic instruments along side grinding electric guitar. They harmonize well here, and it is a nice end to the record.

I feel like Drug Couple definitely front-loaded this EP, with the first two songs being a lot stronger then the four that end the EP. Still, it's a nice listen. They have some good ideas, and the vocals are lovely.

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