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  A Perception of Everything
  Endless Melancholy  
  Sound in Silence  
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Let me state that when i got the latest promo mailer from Sound In Silence, i just went ahead and downloaded the promo and put it on my phone without really thinking about it. This label consistently releases engaging ambient post-rock, and any promo i get with be worth at least a listen or two, if not a review.

And thus it came to pass that sometime later i was looking at my phone for something relaxing and stress-relieving to listen to, and i came across the phrase "Endless Melancholy" there in the list of band names, sandwiched between Electric Wizard and Epic45.

The name made me chuckle, and so i queued up the album.

This is quality ambientish post-rock. Just what you need sometimes. Or, well, what i need at times.

Endless Melancholy is the self-descriptive musical act of Oleksiy Sakevych, who is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. There are 25 items on his Bandcamp page as i write this, going back to his debut, Music for Quiet Mornings back in 2012. That is a lot of material released in 8 years... Why is it that ambient musicians are so productive? I have recently come across other artists with similar music and a similar busy-body work ethic. It makes me tired just thinking about it...

And this is good music to feel tired to. It chimes and echoes, ebbing and flowing often without any discernable percussion.

The music is all a lovely haze, but let me mention a few highlights.

I like the progression (as well as the title) in Letting the Old Dreams Die. This begins with an insistent piano, just notes plucked and echoing loudly over a synthesizer haze of loops, and over the course of 5 minutes the piano fades into the synth haze, until it takes over echoing loudly and swirling around. Lovely.

Caught In a Memory is scratchy and echoed. There are hints of Boards of Canada and July Skies here, as the song slowly moves along, the scratchy loop serving as rhythm.

The record ends with a track called As the World Quietly Ends, in which a lovely synthesizer and keyboard drone slowly fades into nothingness. A great way to end the record, if not the whole world.

Endless Melancholy is someone that ambient fans should check out. There is a lot here.

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