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  This Is What the Living Do
  Diversion Records  
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Fauvely is a band from Chicago based around Sophie Brochu, who also plays in Chicago's own MBV-style noise rock band, Astrobrite. And, oddly enough, Astrobrite maestro Scott Cortez plays bass on this EP. I guess the music scene up there is pretty incestuous...

Away from the density of Astrobrite, what Brochu and Cortez (along with guitarist Dale Price and drummer Dave Piscotti) are doing here is more like folk pop. It is not without its charms.

This is the fifth Fauvely release, including a live EP and a set of demos, and i feel compelled to point out their second release, from 2017, which was called Watch Me Overcomplicate This. This is, let's face it, The Greatest EP Title Ever In All of History and Brochu should get a Nobel Prize in Titles or something for that one.

Theta kicks off the EP delicately, picked guitar and her voice faint and aahing in the background. After the 2:30 mark, it begins to pick up steam, the drumming coming in, the voice getting louder in its wordless singing, and the guitar whirring away. It builds nicely and is rather pretty.

The next song starts off with her strumming guitar, the drum slowly rolling, another guitar layer grinding, and her singing clearly. After a few minutes of listing normal kinds of activities, she sings, This Is What the Living Do, and suddenly i wonder if she is singing as a zombie or something. On the choruses her voice reaches its highest register as the music gets loud, the guitar a deep drone and the drums really thudding. A cool song, but needs more "Braiiiins..."!

Good News is a kind of swinging song, the guitar jangly, and her singing in an old-fashioned country style on the choruses while speaking more on the verses. The next tune, Fall Asleep to TV starts off kind of similar, and then after the first peaceful verse we hit a chorus where the guitar is grinding, the drums are pounding, and she is almost screaming "I'm so fucking crazy!" Wow, her voice sounds great here--Brochu can really wail when she wants to! This is really nice.

These Dreams of Mine is almost a dreampop song, the music lilting and her voice kind of soaring. This is a pretty tune, and a nice end to the EP.

Overall, i am impressed. While not exactly breaking any boundaries here, this is a fun little EP.

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