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Start Stop


Fava Beats

  ±G6PD Records  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

Fava Beats is a collaboration between Eliad Wagner (AKA: Stuchka Vkarmanye) and the bloke known as Bloke (Yaniv Navot) who contributed a couple of fine tracks to the Sampler Et Sans Reproches on the Estrunax label some years ago. Start Stop is apparently their first official release.

The EP opens with 14, a short electro pop instrumental that opens like some early Depeche Mode record such as I Just Can't Get Enough before some squealing 70s synth pops in. It's something of a misleading introduction, however, as this poppy direction is never followed up. Soda, the stand-out track for me, has those squelching acid house noises over a more chopped up beat which eventually recedes to allow the track to drift to a dreamy conclusion. Is Samstag A City features similar squelchy noises, but is pitched somewhere between Warp and Drum'n'bass. Pretty good it is, too.

The EP closes with Blood Before Breakfast which opens promisingly with some early Human League synth sounds, but unfortunately gets a bit too noodley for me. Still, a promising release all the same.

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