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  Football, Etc.
  Count Your Lucky Stars  
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Football, Etc. are a three piece band from Houston, TX who have just release a lovely little 7" on the Thank Your Lucky Stars label. This label cranks out 7" records, and i fully approve. However they only email me a download link, so i cannot talk about the physical product in this case.

There are four songs here, and i am guessing two to a side. J. Robbins (who was in Jawbox, Burning Airlines, etc.) produced this record, so you know it is at least mixed well. I can't find any fault with the recording. He did a fine job, as he always does.

There is one thing i want to warn you about though. Vocalist Lindsey Minton has a dramatic singing style, and by that i mean that all of the words are draaaawwwwnnnn ouuuuuuutttttt forrrrrr sevvvvvvveral warrrbbbbling noooooooootes. Every word. I notice that people either sing like this all of the time, or not at all, and Minton is an “all of the time” singer. Her voice sounds good, but the very dramatic style sometimes bothers people. Be forewarned.

The EP starts off with Sunday, which is oddly appropriately named because the first thing that came to my mind on listening was, "Wow, so few bands can actually pull of this Sundays kind of sound." But Football, Etc. do manage to duplicate the sound of The Sundays, kicking off the tune with a strummed guitar and Minton cooing along nicely. When the whole band comes in after a few seconds, it really reminds me of the more rocking moments of The Sundays. Very nice.

Sweep is a little rockier for Football, etc. It reminds me, a little, of mid-era Isobella. There is a nice chiming guitar and Minton really wailing away. There is a really nice bass solo during the bridge, and then strings come in. It's a nice throwback to those heady, early days of post-rock.

Receiver is a decent pop tune. It is bouncy and catchy, but is probably the least memorable tune here. But Football, Etc. follow it up with Open, their most epic track here. On this last track, Football, etc. turn it up and fully rock out. The guitar grinds and the whole band builds up to a frenzy. It's good stuff.

Overall, this is a nice little 7" from a cute indie pop band. They are doing some interesting thing. This has been a good year for 7" singles, hasn't it?

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