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  Music Made For You ... And By You, I Mean Me.  
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Gel-sol is an electronic artist from Washington D.C. (which he describes as "a wasteland for electronic music"), and this is his first release. The great thing is: it's free. If you want to hear it, all it takes is time. Go to his website and download away.

There are 9 tracks (8 album tracks and a "bonus" track), as well as downloadable artwork. You can grab the whole thing and create your own CD, or you just can grab what songs you like and burn them in whatever order you like. It's really up to you.

As such, the question then becomes, why should you download this stuff? Well, let me ask you this: do you like The Orb? How about Lemon Jelly? Do you like medium-tempoed electronica with deep bass riffage, many layers of sound, and silly samples?

If you answered "yes" to any of those, then Gel-sol is worth a listen. He wears his Orb influence a little large, especially on Assemblage Point and Few and Far Between, but there is enough interesting music to keep the album from becoming boring. And by that i mean, yes it sounds kinda Orbish, but it is well done. Gel-sol has a good ear for melody, and his songs are well constructed out of drones, keys, and silly samples. The samples can be really silly, and much like certain facets of The Orb catalog, he descends into a type of humor best appreciated by teenage boys and/or stoners. Especially at the begining of Numby Numb. I suppose that is a minor point really, but then again i do know people who are really annoyed by this type of stuff, so be forewarned.

Standout tracks include Ach Werden Ijler and Montauk, both of which feature nice keyboard washes, a rambling sample, and a groovey beat that would have felt right at home on Orbus Terrarvm. I am also very fond of Few and Far Between, which is a tune of wandering drones and strange noises.

Another interesting track is the bonus track, which is called Sooper Shammy. This is an audio collage of sounds taken from all sorts of infomercials. I find that it gets kind of annoying after a while (something i find true of all music in the "abstract audio collage" genre), but if you are a big Negativland fan then you should download this.

On the whole, this is a very worthwhile debut from Gel-sol. The only complaint i have is that it is somewhat derivative. That is to say, i own (and enjoy) several albums that are somewhat similar to this in sonic temperament. As such, i am bound to enjoy this. People who are not amused by The Orb will not enjoy this. However, Gel-sol does what he does quite well, even if he is not breaking any boundaries right now.

But this is a debut. And it is quite obvious that the artist grew up listening to The Orb and similar electronic acts. His first album shows that he is on par with their ability to craft fun, wandering tunes, but i look forward to seeing what Gel-sol will do once he finds his own voice, and begins to experiment and really break out on his own. It is apparent that he has the talent, and i wonder where it will take him.

So, for a free album, this is well worth a download.

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