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  If I Punch a Wall
  Alan Getto  
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Alan Getto is a singer/songwriter from my ethnic homeland of Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh is not really a music town. That is, there are very few artists that i know of from that city. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, this is a three song EP which starts off with an achingly beautiful tune called Jeff Buckley. Drums echo and roll in a seemingly vast space as a guitar line wavers under tremolo and background voices sing wordlessly. The whole thing is open and very pretty. Then his voice comes in and Getto sings about skinny dipping at night in a river, and this makes him think about Jeff Buckley, the pop singer who died swimming at night in a river in Nashville. A logical connection, if somewhat morbid. But as he sings the guitar chimes and female voice adds wordless vocals and the drums roll. I can see a hint of the dreampop that Buckley was doing in this tune, so it's a comparison and an homage at the same time. Very nice.

The next tune is I Take It All Back, which reminds me more of late 70s Bob Dylan. It has that lethargic pace, a hint of country, female backing vox, and a harmonica solo. The third tune is Now That You're Gone, which wails with country guitar and ... is that a saw? His singing reminds me of Arlo Guthrie here, and it's a decent enough song. But country-infected music is not really my thing and these other two songs tread the line more than i really like.

But that first tune is really pretty, and i cannot deny that Mr. Getto seems to know what he is doing.

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