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  Obstacle 1  
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I have been waiting for new music from Interpol, and this is what i get. Not exactly new material, really, but two new versions of their excellent Obstacle 1 track from, well, the only album they have!

The A side features Arthur Baker's Return to New York Mix - Edit. This is a proper rock band remix -- it takes no serious liberties with the song. The mix is very true to the original, merely with a slightly funkier drum riff (but not an electronic sounding one by any stretch, oh dear me no!), the occasional wierd sound in the background, and, well, some slight structural changes (this guitar riff goes on for a measure longer, etc.) On the whole - yawn! You call this a remix? I dunno who Arthur Baker is, but he is no Aphex Twin. Next time, Interpol, hire a real electronic artist and go all out. This is, actually, pretty lame.

The B side, on the other hand is interesting, it features Interpol live in Black Session in France Inter. radio, so this is live in a radio studio, complete with studio audience who cheer at the end. Anyway, live you hear a different version of the song. First of all, it is slight faster, especially the guitar bit at the beginning. Secondly, the voice is ... rougher. It feels more real to me without the slickness of production to it. In general, this version seems more honest than either the A side or the studio version. I am particularly fascinated because somehow i have managed to miss Interpol on each of their recent trips to Atlanta. Based on this, i really should make more of an effort to see them.

So, this single is a mixed bag. I cannot enthusiasticaly recommend it, but if you are an Interpol fan, the atrocious remix on the A side will be funny for a few listens, so there is that. And the live version on the B side is great all around, which sort of neutralizes the lame remix on side A and makes this an average release.

So, i dunno. I guess this one is for fans only.

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