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  Broken Circles  
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Flow is a three track, 12 minute EP by a band from Columbia, SC. Carolina del Sur, which sounds ominous. The Wrong Carolina.

You don't hear a lot of bands coming out of that state for whatever reason, but Ivadell have made a really cool little EP here.

For Love of Will starts with some nice post-rock guitar and then a higher pitched voice comes in. It grinds along, the voice wailing and the guitars chugging. It is not a hard rock tune, not a pop tune, and not a post-rock song, but a little of each, really. Very nice.

Ivadell slow it down for Breaking Light. This song kind of meanders along as the guitar picks out a slow melody while the drumming taps. In the middle, guitars wash over each other in power chords while the band harmonizes really high in their register, almost falsetto. It's an oddly pretty tune.

Ivadell grind their way through Flickering with nice guitarwork that gets very dense.

In a way, this little EP reminds me of the mid 1990s band Hum, only with more harmonies. I guess there is a little of Weezer in here as well, but Ivadell are harder than Weezer.

Still, pretty good.

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