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  Whited Sepulcre Records  
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Jennifer, in this case, is not someone's name. Instead it is the project of Zachary Spencer, who is based in Denver and makes long, slow, droning ambient tunes. Strange to think that his music act and my sister are called the same thing, but whatever.

This release, Sincerely, was designed to be released on cassette tape. But i do not currently have a functioning tape deck, and his promo company sent me the work in MP3 form anyway. But if you are into drone and cassettes, you should be on the lookout for this.

As a result of this being designed for cassette, it came with two MP3 files, Part One (SIDE A) and Part Two (SIDE B). Each track is exactly 21:10 long. But this is drone music, and longer tracks are a feature of the genre. According to the text on the image of the cassette sleeve, each side is divided into 6 parts. But it all really flows together as one ambient experience.

I find this nicely engaging and relaxing. The music ebbs and flows slightly, out of focus and drifting. It's very relaxing in nature, and this is a good release to put on in the background as you sit and relax with a cold beer and something to read. I also like to put this sort of stuff on in the background as i wrestle with the Microsoft products that i deal with in my Day Job. The drone provides a nice slow flow that helps me focus.

Mr. Spencer has done a good job here. Obvious touch points include Stars of the Lid and the latest release from Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel. Fans of drone will want to check this out.

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