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  Thinking Sweet
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Jübl is the new project from Rudy Tambala, formerly of dreampop masters A R Kane.

I liked A R Kane fairly well back in the 1990s. Some of their music was among the most brilliant things i have ever heard, but at times they also descended into sheer self-indulgence. They were a mixed bag, i suppose.

June 20th of 2018 marked the 30th anniversary of the release of 69, A R Kane's debut full-length album. This EP dropped suddenly on the same date, with a press release from Rudy saying that he was frustrated that he could not re-release 69 or release new material using the name, all due to label business BS, but here were three new songs anywa. Well, two new songs and a remix that blends them together.

The first of these is Thinking About You, and it is just wonderful and hearkens back to the best of what A R Kane were doing. A beat skitters alongside a slow picked guitar as Tambala and his sister Maggie sing/talk vocals in layers. Then a guitar comes in, effected, grinding, and the song becomes dense with many layers. There is a beauty here though. This is a lovely song.

The second new tune is Sweet Dreams, which is not a Eurthymics cover. This is more dreampoppish than the first songs grinding shoegaze. One guitar layer floats as a bare haze and another glides along noisily. The Tambalas singing is a hushed harmony. This is another pretty tune, it's just a little less focused than the other track.

And finally Thinking Sweet Fusion is just like the two songs are smooshed together. It doesn't really add anything to either one, although they do flow together nicely.

The Jübl BandCamp page implies that the band will have an LP this fall, but Tambala has always run a little behind schedule, so look for it next year! And this is a great teaser. Fans of A R Kane and dreampop in general will want to track this down.

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