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  Split EP  
  Landing and Fuxa  

Mind Expansion Records

Release Date:

late 2004

Reviewed by:

Late last year Landing, one of my favorite current bands, co-released this little 7" split EP, and it took me a while to track down a copy. (Thank goodness for Tonevendor mail order.)

Landing have 2 songs on their side. The first of these is called From Above, and is an adorable little pop tune featuring vocals from Ms. Adrienne Snow. There is a nice bass riff, and Ms. Snow adds a lovely warbling keyboard bit to the chiming guitar. Really lovely, and it moves along at a happy, head-bopping pace.

They follow this up with Mepeop, which is a nice droning Landing piece. One guitar chimes, one soars through distortion, the keyboard makes funky little noises, and the drums keep a subliminal heart-beat rhythm. This is one of those Landing tunes to lose yourself in that type of stuff they do so well. Very trancey, and i like it.

Landing share this EP with Fuxa. In fact, the EP was released on the Mind Expansion label, which i gather from the inserts, is run by at least one member of Fuxa. Now, i have heard Fuxa before, or so i thought. I thought they were an intense distortion band, making rollicking tunes with walls of noise and feedback. However, well, either they have significantly changed their sound or i have them confused with someone else. I say this because the two songs they do here are closer to Landing than they are to Flying Saucer Attack.

The first of these tunes is called The Formula, and is a nice little Landing-y pop tune. The drums play lightly, the keyboard makes funky little spaced out sounds, and the guitar and bass drive the tune along through simple chording. It's a fun song, and something in the melody seems almost sad. Almost, but not quite, melancholy.

The second song is called Thank You Jesus and is a light tune of piano with spacey keyboard accompaniment. Their pianist is rather good, and this is a lovely instrumental piece. Again though, there is a hint of melancholy to it.

Overall, this EP features 4 fine songs. I enjoy all of them, and think that this is a fine release from the folks at Mind Expansion. I must also congratulate them for putting the speed at which i am to play the record on the actual record (my pet peeve).

If you are a fan of either act, or simply enjoy mellow pop music with a hint of psychedelia thrown in, then you certainly need to locate this.

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