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Tragvol De Rova



Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

Listening to this album from Italian band Lucertulas, it's easy to come to the conclusion that someone spent their formative years listening to Sonic Youth, seeing as much of it consists of some Kim Gordon-like yelling over thrashy guitars.

They also seem to have a mermaid fixation. The opening track Roulette starts with the line "Mermaid out of water you will soon die" (according to the lyric sheet anyway you'd never work that out for yourself!). Similarly, On Rough Sea features the line "One eyed sailor takes the life of white mermaid". And how did this maritime Cyclops kill the fish-tailed wench then, I hear you ask? Well, somewhat disappointingly, Lucertulas don't go into detail. They just yell that "On a rough sea her spine gonna shatter". I'm not sure how this makes it the sailor's fault, even if he threw her in the ocean. She's a mermaid. She can swim. I'm not a lawyer, but even I'd get him off with this one. Anyway, it's unlikely to feature on any 20 Greatest Love Songs any time soon I guess!

But back to the music...both Roulette and Partum, which follows, are thrashiness personified. Whilst the third track in (the aforementioned On Rough Sea) might open with a dreamy instrumental section, you know it's only a question of time before the noise bursts in. Approximately 1 minute 36 seconds, seeing as you ask.

Miss Ratched is probably the pick of the lot for me, although this is due more to the Killdozer-like grinding guitars than the "I can't find the way to the toilet and I piss on myself, please nurse nurse please show me the way" lyrics. I tell you. It's a laugh a minute here, folks!

Tintinnio opens with a minute and half of scratchy noises before the band join in, albeit in more restrained style. 6, the imaginatively titled sixth track, is seven minutes plus of sonic meandering and is followed by the equally imaginatively titled 7, which comprises of more Sonic Youth-like guitars over an almost bouncy beat. Tragol De Rova ends with Ops! and it'll probably come as no surprise to hear that there's yet more atonal guitar playing featured here. Still, if you like Sonic Youth and I do! you should find something to enjoy here. It might not be the most original work I've ever heard but, to be fair, it's not bad at all.

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