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  Do You Know Enough?
  Moaning Lisa
  Father/Daughter Records  
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Do You Know Enough? is the debut EP by Moaning Lisa, which is a four-piece girl fronted band of Australian music school grads.

Usually the term "music school grad" implies that the music will be very intellectual to the point of being over thought out and not rocking. I don't know what they are teaching in Australia, but that is 100% not the case here. Moaning Lisa channel 1990s indie rock and grunge remarkably well. Vocalists Charlie and Hayley (no last names given) harmonize really well.

I would say that Moaning Lisa is equally influenced by Belly and Warpaint. They have a great sense of melody, write catchy songs, and channel their guitars through a good bit of fuzz. It's a pretty impressive debut.

The EP starts off with Carrie (I Want a Girl) kicks off with these Charlie and Hayley wailing about American female rock icons, declaring the Riot Grll roots up front. The song grinds like a mid-tempoed grunge tune, and you realize that they have the musical acumen to join that group of people they list. The bass riff is a great sauntering thing, and on the chorus the guitar really wails. Nicely done

Good is more shoegaze than the grunge of the opener. The two female voices harmonize over effected guitars that sparkle alongside driving rhythms. This is, well, good.

Lily moves even further into the dreampop world. This starts slowly with a nice bass riff and the female voices echoed and harmonizing over a haze of guitar. It builds to a real wail, Charlie and Hayley harmonizing as the whole band tears forward in a nicely epic song with a big, booming sound. Wonderful.

Comfortable is a nice swaying indie rock tune. The guitars grind and the drums tap languidly. I actually like the way that the bass and two guitars interact here, along with the female vocal harmonies. On the chorus it swells up nicely. This is well done.

Sun is another mid-tempoed rocker and at this point i realize that i like their basswork, which i think is done by Charlie (although there is some vagueness). She does a really good job. And this is another song that swells up nicely into an epic toe-tapping rocker.

Moaning Lisa puts out some great rock music here. There is a lot going on and a lot to like. I bet they are exciting in concert.

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