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  EICV7" No. 91  
  Non-Human Persons  
  Everything Is Chemical  
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The Everything Is Chemical Virtual 7" series is back, this time with Non-Human Persons, a duo from Berlin consisting of Lee and Mihau. One of them, the female in the group, sings, but i am not sure which one that is. No matter.

The virtual A-side is Shadow, which is dominated by a warbling bass synth that reminds me of LCD Soundsystem. They pair this with an old school drum machine beat. Her voice comes in, echoed and warbling. This is dance goth goodness for dark clubs or late night dancing in your condo...

The virtual B-side is 606, which is really groovy and echoing. It reminds me of mid 1990s Astralwerks stuff -- this could have fit in with Young American Primitive, Tranquility Bass, and all of that lot. I really liked that stuff back then, and this song is a great addition to the genre. It has a rhythm sample that appears to come from some kind of clattering percussion, like gamelan maybe. The percussion tinkles fast, paired with some ebbing and flowing synths and funky little sounds that wander in and out. The voice, echoed beyond recognition, sings something. Really nice.

This is a fun little throwback single. If you fondly remember the Astralwerks Excursions In Ambience series, then it is definitely worth the download.

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