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  OK Go  
  OK Go  
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Punk-pop is an over mined landscape, for the most part, with radio friendly punk-pop being the dregs of the dregs in most cases. But OK Go manages to pull of the unlikely task of making said radio friendly punk-pop and still making it music worth listening to.

Their self-title debut drags near the end, encroaching on the dreaded power ballad (Bye Bye Baby), but other than that this is solid, solid stuff. The opening track, Get Over It is tailor made for mainstream alternative radio, but in a good way. I personally give the band bonus points for the dead-on Def Leppard impersonation that sneaks into the final bars of the song. I give them even more bonus points for following it up with Don’t Ask Me, a mosh pit anthem with a rhythm section lifted straight out of Adam Ant’s Goody Two Shoes.

They also cover They Might Be Giants songs in concert, so what’s not to like? This CD has been in steady rotation for both commute and work (headphones to drown out the office) since I got it.

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