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  Beautiful Chaos: Greatest Hits Live  
  The Psychedelic Furs  
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The Psychedelic Furs have existed for just about 20 years at this point, and they have finally released a Live album. There are two reviews of The Furs' current live shows here on EvilSponge, the first from March of 2001, and the second from November of that year. This live album was released shortly after the November show, but contains a recording from the LA show of the same tour as the March show. Make sense? It's The Psychedelic Furs live in 2001.

If you read those two reviews, there is not really all that much more to add. Oh sure, the vocals are a little more "in front" here on this disc than they are in concert, and the drumming sounds a little flat on the recording, but those are quirks that one expects when a spontaneous performance is preserved in a digital format.

So yeah, if you are a PFurs fan, this is great. It starts off with a long, slowly building rendition of India and just goes from there. They play The Ghost In You just like i remembered it from their shows, slower and crunchier, with rich layers of overdrive joining in on the chorus. Simply beautiful.

There is one "new song" on here, Alive (For Once In A Lifetime), and you get both a live version and a studio version. These two versions aren't that different in all honesty, and it's a good enough song, not spectactular, but not bad.

So my final verdict on this: if you are a Furs fan rush out and buy this. If you are somewhat interested in hearing what they have to offer, then this is a well-recorded representation of what they sound like now. However, if you aren't a fan, then you probably won't care. This could serve as a good introduction to the band, however.

But really, go see them live the next time they play your town -- it's definitely worth it.

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