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  TC Guy Records / Stickfigure Distro  
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OK, to start with, you can probably take a wild guess at what this album is about by looking at the cover. To me, it's a party. The music combines a basic early Black Flag-style punk rock with a very interesting Unwound-style song progression that provides an interesting mix. It makes the music seem more intelligent, but then you realize they're singing this lyric: "this town wants a penguin to smash." My question is, what is the problem with penguins? Is it the certain sliver of a percentage of the penguin species that has no aversion to living a homosexual lifestyle? No, I don't think so. PPR just doesn't like penguins, I guess. Either that or it's slang that has flown right over my head.

I'm all about challenging people. Here's how PPR does it. How about "Let me piss in your pussy." Or, "I wanna get drunk and fuck your sister." Here's another one: "You mother fucker, motherfuckin' motherfucka." Overall, the album is full of similar insight, and it sometimes gets a little overbearing. At the same time, it's relentlessly full throttle, and would make for a great time. I could make a weekend out of this album. It's a very sprawling album. There is obvious complexity. Later on in the album, there are some blues oriented noodlings, complete with guitar effects, and the 10 minute Chicken Fucker Suite. There's even a bonus song!

Overall, I'm impressed. PPR seems to have a niche in Atlanta. Also of note, the recording is very Black Flag. Love it! No overdubs (according to the press sheet). The band also claims to "scare people badly". I think I'm in love! If you have to opportunity to check them out, please do so!

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