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  Primal Scream  
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A lot of people on the internet have been going on and on about this album. Heck, i even got an invitation to join an eGroup specifically about this album!

Puh-leeze! It ain't all that!

This is a pretty good album, but i would not go so far as to say that it is the greatest thing ever released in all of history. Seriously, i have heard it talked about with almost that level of reverence! Sometimes i wonder what the heck the British are thinking .... but that is a rant for another day.

Basically, Primal Scream is a sort of dance-rock fusion band. Some of the songs on this disc RAWK in a big ole way (Shoot Speed/Kill Light) and some of them RAVE HARD (Swastika Eyes). Apparently Primal Scream have been doing this sort of thing with varying degrees of success for several years (an ex-roomate of mine had Screamadelica which i was not impressed by at the time!) However, there is something different, something special this time. Two words -- Kevin Shields. Yes, the mastermind behind My Bloody Valentine is now playing with this band. I think he toured with them too, but since ATL was snubbed by the tour i refuse to know the details!

So, with Mr. Shields involved, one would expect some good distorted freakout music. And he does deliver -- the track MBV Arkestra (If They Move Kill Em) is certain to delight his many fans.

But it's not even the best track on the album! On Shoot Speed/Kill Light Primal Scream have given us one of the grooviest, most rockin' bass riffs since, well, since Fishbone last released a good album! No really, this song rocks hard. No real lyrical content to distract you from the all-pervading bass riff either, which is perfect.

There are a few other good tracks on the disc. Swastika Eyes is a danceable little tune. Kill All Hippies, the albums opener, really gets things started off with a bang.

However, i find that the album drags a lot in the middle. Quite frankly after Swastika Eyes i usually fast forward to MBV Arkestra (If They Move Kill Em). And the final song on the album, I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time, is straight out boring.

And that is why i give this album a slightly above average rating -- there are some good songs, including two really amazing songs, but there are some snoozers as well.

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