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  Girly b/w Scorpio
  free on Bandcamp  
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Plot is a mysterious three-piece from Philadelphia. Well, i say mysterious because i know next to nothing about them. I mean, they did (consciously and with malice a forethought) choose a simple word for their band name, making them largely un-Googleable.

In fact, i am not even sure how i came across this release, but it doesn't really matter.

Girly b/w Scorpio is a free single that Plot are giving away on BandCamp. It looks like this is their second release in the past few months.

Girly has a great riff, the bass thunking like David J in Bauhaus, while the guitar roars along, and the drumming thumps. The music is loud and crude, like someone trying to recreate the angry beats of Skinny Puppy but only using the instruments that Bobby Darin had available to him, and then recording it all on a 4-track tape deck. The lo-fi slightly out of focus nature of the music makes everything sound primal and fierce. Over this there are voices, and they yell (among other things) "That's not true!" They repeat that over and over, the lo-fi rhythm heavy noise making it seem more like an act of defiance than one of denial. This is some intense industrial punk shit, and it's good!

B-side Scorpio has some kind of old vocal sample alongside a grinding guitar bit and drums played down the hall. Eventually the voices come in, two people chanting slightly off from one another, one voice echoing the other. This track is dark and ominous, but it really works.

So, this electronic single is cool and different. I imagine that J. Rhoda, C. Brown, and M. Epier drink a lot, smoke a lot, and listen to old Ministry and Bauhaus records loudly while doing do. I approve.

I hope to hear more from this band. This is a very promising start.

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