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  Drugs Sex and Discotheques  
  The Prima Donnas  
  Peek A Boo  
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I think this was an in-joke or something. There’s an elaborate back story in the liner notes, detailing the supposed exploits and tribulations of this fictional band, The Prima Donnas, as they tear all holy hell through the late punk cum new wave scene in 1980s England.

This is supposed to be a collection of singles and such. Only, the band never existed, excepting what existence they have today as three guys from West Texas with overactive imaginations and a taste for garage rock.

It sounds funnier than it actually is, and the music is just not something you should have to endure. I mean, if you get drunk enough, it’s good for a laugh, but otherwise, you’re kinda stuck with this CD full of bad songs by drunks who wish they were British mod punks.

Just weird.

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