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  Distant Blue  
  Project Skyward  
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Nine months after dropping their debut, Project Skyward are back with a teaser for their album. Distant Blue is a three track EP that features 2 brand new songs as well as a remix of the masterful Shine from their debut. The EP shows that they have continued to refine their overall electro-ambient-shoegazer sound. The tones here are smoother, and better produced. Which is a wierd thing to say, because i never would have called Breakthroughs poorly produced. However in comparing the two, the sounds on Distant Blue just come across better. Granted it is a subtle difference.

Anyway, this EP starts off with the song Distant Blue, in which Project Skyward take their Slowdive fetish to it's logical conclusion. Ryan Skyward and Lara Fia duet over echoing piano, loping beats, and quiet guitar drone in a way that really reminds me of Souvlaki. It is somewhat derivative, but still a very nice song.

Between Two Worlds is a synth-driven number in which Ryan Skyward sings clearly and not through distortion as he usually does. The synths borrow heavily form early 90's ambient electronica, referencing early Enigma in the vaguely world music feel of the song's soaring climax. And that climax is very nice: the drums, guitars, and keys all entertwining and reaching ever, well, skyward.

Finally, things wrap up with the Interstellar Mix of Shine. The rhythm on this version is more frenetic than the original, but the song is still smooth and ambient. Honestly -- this song belongs in a commercial for a trendy European auto manufacturer. It has that extremely progressive feel to it, while still being catchy and fun. And no, i do not mean that as an insult: i actually think that this is a really good tune, and i like it.

After hearing this EP, i am even more curious to see what Project Skyward will do on their upcoming full-length release. Very interesting.

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