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Stilyagi b/w Medved to Bedved


Puro Instinct


Mexican Summer

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Those precocious young ladies of Puro Instinct are back with a new 7" record, the first single off of their upcoming debut full-length record which will apparently be called Headbangers In Ecstasy.

The song from that upcoming record is called Stilyagi, and it is the A-side here. The song starts with a burst of static before settling into a chiming guitar and swooshing synths fog. This is a very typical Puro Instinct song, reminding me of the new wave influenced music on their EP. The guitar really makes this, but there is also a nice vocal harmony on the chorus, courtesy of their friend Ariel Pink. This is lovely lo-fi new wave at a mid-tempoed pace.

The B-side is a stranger song called Medved to Bedved and featuring a haze of keyboards in layers accompanied by an echoed Russian sample. What is it with these girls and their fascination with Russia? Well, eventually that chiming guitar gets layered on, which is nice, but overall this song sounds unfocused and more like an interlude than anything. I guess that is why it is a B-side.

Still, if you have enjoyed what they have been doing to date, then you will enjoy this. I look forward to hearing their album.

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