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  Shilpa Ray
  Northern Spy  
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Shilpa Ray is back with a little tidbit to tide us over until her next record. She has released a single with two covers.

The A-side is very timely. It is her cover of When Doves Cry, and on her BandCamp, she says that this is where she discovered Prince's music. So she covers the song slowly, mournfully. She takes a great pop tune that also had a hint of sadness to it and she turns it into a dirge, her voice wailing over clattered percussion and keys. I like this version, especially because Ms. Ray really lets her powerful voice loose on this tune, just wailing away while guitars and keys reverb, slowly, and the drums clatter. Very nice.

The B-side is a cover of Where Evil Grows, a 1971 hit for The Poppy Family. I would not have been able to name the artist, but the song was familiar enough to me. I must have heard it on the radio or something. This is more of a soul song, and Ms. Ray gets her sultry soul singer voice on. She sings the words in a sensual growl over light drumming and slide guitar. This version really works for her.

It's a nice little single.

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