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  The World Is Yours
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If you Google Secoya, you will discover that this is the name of an indigenous tribal people in Ecuador, on the side of the country that is east of the mountains and thus in the Amazon rain forest. There is also an EDM act from Detroit that goes by the name Secoya.

This is not either of those. This Secoya is the project of one George Robinson, an ambient composer based in Bristol, UK. He appears to be under represented on the Internet, searches crowded out by thumping rave music and South Americans in colorful clothing.

The World Is Yours is apparently his second album. His sparse Internet presence provides few clues. But this is a lovely record. The World Is Yours is an album of pretty, mellow tunes that float in and out.

The title track starts off the record with a strings, synths, and ahhing voices creating a pretty haze. On Ruins, a piano tinkles amid mellow washes of sound. The piano plays a nice little melody, and i like the echo that he puts on the piano, the notes really filling the synth haze. Saturated is similar, but the piano is sparser.

November Dusk grows slowly over the course of six minutes from a faint haze into a deep drone with a piano played over it. Very lovely. The drone seems to expand on Towers.

On Ever the music ebbs and flows like a July Skies tune. This is completely different in form though, as July Skies is a guitar act and this is electronics and piano. But the feel of the song, the way the song grows like a cloud in a clear blue sky, is very similar to the feeling of a July Skies song. This is a lovely track.

On Nothing Robinson's piano echoes expansively. Paris also evokes the spaciousness, the pastoral feel of a July Skies song.

And finally the record ends with An Exercise In Frustration, a lush drone of synth strings and ahhing voices. Very lovely.

This is a pretty album that is quiet and makes good background ambient. I listen to a lot of this kind of stuff (review one ambient band and just watch the promos roll in!) and this is more interesting than a lot of it. I like what he is doing with the piano, and i like the flatness of it, the fact that all of the sounds kind of blend together.

If you like ambient music, you should check this out.

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