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  Stay Lost
  Sharks and Minnows
  self-released on Bandcamp  
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It's easy to get sidetracked and get away from something, even if it is something that you really enjoy. Case in point: how little EvilSponge has posted over the last few years. And i suppose the same is true of Sharks and Minnows, who are back after a 19 year hiatus.

19 years??? Wow, that makes me feel better about slacking off during the mucous-y apocalypse (and immediately thereafter).

But it's true: Sharks and Minnows released their Cost of Living LP back in 2004, which EvilSponge really enjoyed.

So what are they up to now? Well, they have just released a 5-song EP, and promise another one latter in the year.

Stay Lost starts thing off with a nice jangly indie pop number. Lead Shark Chistopher Simony sings lightly here, almost towards falsetto at times. It's a nice mellow effect, and pairs nicely with the jangly guitar and keyboard parts. A happy song, but it feels a little more tentative than usual, as if Simony is unsure about this whole reunion thing, and even the lyrics state that, "I might as well stay lost." I get it, man...

Second track Runner adds in a lot more keyboards than a usual Sharks and Minnows tune, bringing it close to synthpop. Again, Simony is singing hushed, almost falsetto. This really reminds me of something by Prince. And you know, i saw the Simony Brothers from Sharks and Minnows play an entire show of the album Purple Rain, so i bet this is at least somewhat intentional. At any rate, it's a fun song with handclaps and layers of keys.

After two slower songs, Sharks and Minnows rock out for Half. Guitars ginds and Simony sings through distortion. Its fast and fun, and they made a cool video of driving through Atlanta, which they sped up to unsafe speeds, to go with the breakneck pace of this tune.

Now, after that rocker, Sharks and Minnows slow it back down for the organ-driven Rock Song. This has nice jangly guitar and tapped drums and organ drone, as Christopher Simony sings breathily. This reminds me more of something from Van Morrison or someone of that era. I guess it's called Rock Song because on the bridge the guitar thumps away and the organ really wails. Very different for them, and not bad at all.

And finaly we wrap things up with The Airport Mesa. This is almost a ballad, with piano and dramatic upswells on the chorus. Those choruses almost remind me of The Blue Nile, that sort of intensity. Nicely done.

This is a fun little EP. Sharks and Minnows really show their range here, and have managed to release some catchy tunes. I am already looking forward to the next EP.

Now: if they can get back into the swing of things, can i get back into the swing of EvilSponge? I guess we'll see!

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