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  The Slip  
  The Slip  
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The Slip are a three piece, all-girl, post-punk band from Gainesville, Florida. That makes them loosely affiliated with one of those massive, football-obsessed schools down there, which, when you think about it, implies lots of youngsters, which implies a music scene. Makes sense.

This is their first, very DIY release. It is a CD-R with a black and white printed sticker that comes in a hand-folded and glued sleeve, also black and white. (Recommendation: ask the 'rents for a color printer for X-Mas, provided you've kept your grades up!)

The music itself is also kind of DIY, well, at least the production is. Or perhaps i should rather say "lack of production". In all honesty in sounds like these three ladies set up a bunch of mics in their practice space and hammered through some of their tunes.

The tunes themselves are really good: these three ladies (Andrea, Mary, and Sarah -- none could afford last names that's how punk rawk they are!) have a good deal of talent. It's an EP, so let's examine the songs it contains.

The EP starts with a wail of guitar, and thudding bass riffs, and thunderous drums. Waste is good old fashioned punk rock for a minute or so, then suddenly it's gets more melodic. A voice comes in (Andrea sings), echoed, although i am not sure if that is an effect or merely that they recorded in an echoey room. Either way, this is a good, dark and brooding post-punk-ish tune.

Plastic Dream starts off with a nice guitar melody (also courtesy of Andrea). Then keys get added in, and drumming that is nice and funky. (Sarah is the drummer, but no one on the sleeve is credited with keys. So i'll assume that Mary played those.) The melody moves along happily and the drumming and keyboard/guitar interplay really work. This is a fine song, and i really wish that it was recorded better. (And by better, i mean "professionally".)

The next tune is called Shoegazer, and while it is not exactly a My Bloody Valentine-esque romp, it is a damned fine tune. The guitar wavers under masses of treble, and the drums again really impress me. (Sarah really knows what she is doing.) Andrea is really belting it out here, showing that she really knows how to use that voice of hers. In a way, this reminds me of Crybaby. This song has the great guitarwork and strong female voice of Crybaby. Anyway, the song builds to a really good crunchy, fast-paced chorus. At times, while it is building, it almost reminds me of the early, proto-goth work of Modern English. I am thinking Mesh And Lace here, if you are one of the 3 other people who own that album.... So: this is a fine song with hints of Crybaby and Modern English. Again, damn their DIY recording for muddying up the sound.

The next track is Chatterbox, the EPs one throwaway. This is a catchy enough song, but they get a bit crazy with the overdrive pedal in the middle, going just a bit further into distortion land than is really merited.

Finally, we have one uncreditied track: some sort of remix that, i think, draws bits of all of the other tracks. Apparently, one of them has an iBook, so they fed their music into it and came out with a groovey little dance tune reminiscent of The Faint, or Neu!. Good stuff.

In fact, this whole EP is good. The Slip obviously have some talent. The only thing holding them back at this time is the poorly recorded nature of this EP. I think that this EP would be a good listen for those people who have been lucky enough to see The Slip. For the rest of us it hints at things, but doesn't quite deliver what it needs to, so i cannot recommend it all that much. The songwriting talent is there, but the murky production will frustrate most listeners.

Still, it captures their raw energy, and shows what a good live band they undoubtedly are. So when are the three of them going to drive up here to Atlanta? I bet they rule in concert!

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