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  Odds And Mods  
  Small Faces  
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I’ve got this friend, whom we’ll call "Amelia". And man, Amelia is just the world’s biggest Small Faces fan. Not in actual size or anything, but as far as fans go, man, Amelia’s just The Supreme Kai of the Small Faces Nation. I can’t remember the last time we sat down together for more than ten minutes and he didn’t steer the conversation to some variant of the Small Faces/Faces/Rolling Stones rant.

Now, I like Amelia a lot, in a non-touching sort of way. He’s a great guy once you get past the rant. And I’m always keen to better understand my friends. So when I stumbled upon this particular compilation I picked it up to try to get a grasp on what he’s always on about. The result?

I’ve got this friend, right...?

Pick up Odds and Mods if you like early Rolling Stones, mod music in general, or the Small Faces/Faces. Or if you want to better understand a man named "Amelia".

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