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Corner of the World


Solus 3



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  Indoor Miner  

These guys'n'gals are on a roll at the moment. Corner Of The World comes a little less than eighteen months after their previous release, The Sky Above The Roof, and in the interim period many of the personnel involved here were present and correct on Lunar Dunes excellent Galaxsea album earlier this year. And the good news is that the quality control shows no sign of slacking whatsoever.

Corner Of The World opens with the ten minute long dubby Unfold where a chilled out bassline underpins Krupa MaNomay's almost angelic sounding voice and some rather exquisite harp playing before a lone trumpet suddenly pops in from nowhere. That may make it seem rather busy, but nothing could be further from the truth as Solus 3's use of space is almost another instrument in itself.

Tricked By A Monster follows and goes off in a somewhat different direction as Jemma Freeman's urgent vocals leave you with a slightly uneasy feeling whilst Lollardy manages to sound both beautiful and unsettling at the same time. Corner Of The World features Krupa's voice to the forefront of a track that somehow brings reggae great Horace Andy to mind.

It's hard to pick highlights here but Porn Jam is a definite contender with some rather lovely female "ooh's" over a deep, prominent bass and a head nodding beat c/o of Ian Blackaby and Hamilton Lee, a rhythm section that just seems to go from strength to strength. Reich may be more low-key but it really is quite delicious whilst the closing number Pumori is an eleven minute spacey opus that allows the listener to drift off where they choose as the voices and trumpet exchange greetings over some almost jazzy basslines.

So another great work from Solus 3 and with a national UK newspaper, The Independent, having recently made this their album of the week, maybe Corner Of The World could reach the audience it so richly deserves.

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Solus 3 are to play a prestigious gig at London's South Bank Centre 4th April 2012. Tickets available here...

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