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My Minions are based in Atlanta, GA, but the music of nearby North Carolina has always had a large grip on them.  Back in late 2008, Tracers reviewed a reunion show by Polvo, and just recently i made the Minions review every release by Archers of Loaf in preparation for that reunion concert.  The Minions claimed to enjoy the opportunity to review an entire catalog that they were familiar with, and since the third act in the holy trinity of North Carolinian 1990s indie rock has recently announced an Atlanta show, it is time for them to review the Superchunk catalog.

Actually, in a sense the first review we ever posted was a complete review of Superchunk.  PostLibyan prepared a review way back in July of 2000, and it is still on the site:


Ah man Brendan!  That was the first thing i wrote for this site, way back before i even figured out how to write reviews.  It's terrible!  Must you drag that back up now?


Yes.  And the sheer awfulness of it is why i am making you re-do it.  Now we will go through the various Superchunk releases in order, and at great depth.


Chronological order only makes sense from one perspective, that of a listener who is aware of all music as it happens.

  Like me.  

Well, the rest of us listen to things as they are brought to our attention. It might make sense to kick off reading these reviews with the review of Foolish, Superchunk's fourth album and fifth release, which was the entry point into the band for the Minions. That might make more sense than reading about the albums as they were released. Or not. It might make sense to read the reviews in the order that you, the reader, are familiar with the albums. Whatever works.

  That still doesn't get you out of having to review them in order for me.  So get to it.

But first, let's go over some links: (The archive of the "Here with Superchunk" fansite, from 2000)

Here are the releases, in order:
Superchunk (1990)
No Pocky For Kitty (1991)
Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91) (1992)
On the Mouth (1993)
Foolish (1994)
Incidental Music (1991-95) (1995)
Here's Where the Strings Come In (1995)
Indoor Living (1997)
Come Pick Me Up (1999)
Here’s To Shutting Up (2001)
Cup of Sand (2003)
Majesty Shredding (2010)

If we have reviewed that release, the above is a link to that release. Please note that Here’s To Shutting Up was reviewed when it first came out, in 2001. All of the other reviews were written in 2011 before seeing Superchunk in concert.

Some other Superchunk content on EvilSponge:
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  EP: Laughter Guns
  Single: Late Century Dream
  Single: Art Class (Song for Yayoi Kusama)
  Concert: Sat.11.Oct.03
  Festival Performance: SXSW06 on Sat.18.Mar
  Concert: Thu.8.Sep.11


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