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  Miles Tilmann and Larvae  
Release Date:
  early summer 2003  
Reviewed by:

From Sub:marine Records comes a fine 7" release on high-quality extra thick vinyl. The sleve looks hand silkscreened as well, making for aesthetically pleasing packaging.

The first side features Double from Chicago-based IDM-er Miles Tilmann. Tilmann's work is slow mellow IDM in the vein of Boards of Canada. Organic sounding keyboard tones float happily alongside lightly crunchy beats. Double is a pretty good representative of Tilmann's work. It starts out with a lovely keyboard intro before the beat comes in, then it moves comfortably along to a natural conclusion. Good stuff.

The second side is Seclusion Dub by Larvae. Larvae is the act featuring Sub:Marine founder Matt Jeanes, and here Larvae turn in another fascinating electronic peice. I honestly don't know how to clasify this act: they seem to blend IDM style distortion with hip-hoppish beats in a way that i haven't really heard before. Seclusion Dub is a little more bass heavy than some of their other work, but it is good nonetheless. It is full of computer manipulated distortion, and yet it has an unmistakeablely head-bopping beat. well done.

Overall, this is a fine release from two interesting electronic acts. As a 7" it should be pretty cheap, so it can serve as a good introduction to these bands.

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