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The Stone Turntable


Transglobal Underground

  Cadiz Music  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

Transglobal Underground have been making great records for something like twenty years now. The releases may be more sporadic than they were back in the 90s but they show no signs of running out of ideas. Like 2007's Moonshout, The Stone Turntable is possibly less immediate than some of their older albums, but it sure does repay repeated listening.

The Stone Turntable opens with Be As One, a soothing plea for unity. But it's not long before the grooves come in with Don't Let Me Skip A Beat which mixes eastern percussive sounds with some Stevie Wonder-like funkiness. Highlights include Sing For The Love Of Your Live with its unexpected killer chorus, Gunslinger and its hypnotic bassline and the toe-tapping Fire Maiden, whilst the title track is a real funky affair with some lovely call and response vocals. Best of all perhaps is Deolali Junglee, which is vintage TGU, mixing great beats with eastern sounds and some beautiful voices.

Elsewhere there are a couple of real surprises. We Come To Tear Your Wall Down opens like some old Prince Buster record whilst The Further People sounds like Lord Sitar covering Whole Lotta Love! The album ends with Mazboori, where the beats eventually give way to the same chanted vocals that opened the album.

A special act who continue to impress.

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