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  Eight Balls In Reverse  
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Ah, Ultrababyfat (heretofore UBF, to save me the typing). The red headed stepchild of EvilSponge's take on the Atlanta Local Scene. UBF are quite popular around town. They regularly fill the touring band venues (The Earl, The Echo Lounge, etc.) They're in with all the local scene players. Their front half (Shonali Bhowmik and Michelle DuBois) lent backing vocals on the last Rock*A*Teens long player, and R*A*Ts driving force Chris Lopez returns the favor on Apple Tree on this release. The local press loves them, and last year even the radio conglomerate alternative rock station in town used Bhowmik and DuBois as models in the "fashion issue" of their trade rag. So UBF, while virtually unknown nationally, are the proverbial big fish in little local pond.

Yet we don't give them much verbiage. I wonder why?

Oh well, no need to dwell on difficult questions. Eight Balls in Reverse is actually a pretty damned fine record. UBF do the riot grrl thing as well as anyone that I can think of. Female vocals times two, crunchy (if less than world-altering) guitar riffs, and solid, booty-shaking rhythms, all mixed up with enough innuendo and attitude to hook you in. They're reminiscent of Supernova-era Liz Phair, actually. This is their second full length (I think). The debut from a couple years back was so forgettable that, well, I forgot its title, but the band has come a goodly ways since then. Eight Balls in Reverse isn't going to change your world or anything, but it is solid guitar rock from a local band that, after a brief flirtation with a major label, seems to have re-grounded themselves in the indie ethos.

Oh, and they're quite attractive lasses, too. Well, except for Shane Sanders. He's not a lass, and I really don't know if you'd find him attractive or not. But bassist Britta Phillips is hot with a capital H and the already mentioned members of the front end are no aesthetic slouches themselves. Just so you know. (Actually, most of the other Minions are convinced that I like the band only because I want to see them naked. This is completely untrue. I think they're a good band AND I want to see them naked. The two things are not inherently linked.)

Anyway, Diamondback, Shake n' Bake, and Bored in Paris are certifiably catchy-assed tunes.

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