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  Everything, Everything  
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Although i am not really a fan of rave music, i like Underworld. They do some really neat things with musical textures and beats.

Sitll, the idea of a LIVE album by a rave band seems somewhat odd to me. Aren't they mostly a studio band, by definition? What is their live show like?

I'm not exactly sure what the experience of an Underworld concert would be like, but this live album comes across quite well. The songs sound enough like what you are familiar with from their albums, only slightly modified for the live setting. Basically, i see this album as a collection of slightly different remixes in which the vocalist's voice gets a little rough (apparently from singing on tour too much). It works.

It also works as a sort of "Greatest Hits" compilation. Underworld tear through some of their best tunes, like Born Slippy and Pearl's Girl. It's a little heavy on stuff from the most recent album, but still could serve as a good introduction for people who are curious about Underworld.

And that is how i would recommend this disc. If you want to hear what they sound like, this is a good starting point. If you are already a fan and you collect remixes, then this is essential. But it isn't going to make any new converts.

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