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  White Blood Cells  
  The White Stripes  
  Sympathy for the Record Industry  
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I really liked this CD when I first bought it. Its blend of Led Zeppelin riffs, '64 era Beatles lyricism (simple but potent melodies and phrases mixed up in the front, but not overpowering, and without the harmonics) and '69 era Stones swagger, all pureed together make a lovely little indie rock protein shake. All that aside, the disc's best trick might be its ability to maintain an indie feel among such radio-friendly influences. A duo from Detroit that doesn't seem to worry much about fitting in, even into the indie trends du jour.

Okay, it gets a little throw-backy to the point of silliness around track seven (The Union Forever), but it regains its footing rather quickly (track eight, The Boy You've Always Known) and holds its own through the end (track 16, This Protector).

I really meant to review this CD months ago. But I'm a slacker and didn't. Oh well, if you don't own it go give yourself a Christmas treat. I'm sure The White Stripes could still use the money.

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