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  On A Beach On A Mountain  
  The Young Antiques  
  Rebel Yell, Inc.  
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You know, it's almost unfair to review this EP. First, it was recorded in three days shortly after The Young Antiques formed-long before their more recent album, Wardrobe For A Jet Weekend. Their current drummer, Mason Brazelle, wasn't even in the band yet. So, it's more like a bootleg recording than an actual release. Second, it's almost impossible to find this EP. I stumbled on it at Wax n' Fax in Atlanta (the band's hometown) in the local music section, labelled "consignment." I didn't even know music could be on consignment! And, don't look for the EP on the band's web site; even it will tell you the EP's out of print. But, in keeping with the EvilSponge tradition of dredging up the most obscure indie releases possible and torturing readers with reviews, I must forge ahead. Otherwise Brendan will punish me (shudder).

Well, this one won't hurt too bad because there's not much to say. Unless you are a truly die-hard 'Tiques fan, there's really no reason to search out this EP. From the first overblown, post 80s guitar riff, it's obvious that the band was still in the experimental stages of putting together songs. The vocal sounds of Blake Rainey are as mature as that on Wardrobe For A Jet Weekend, but the lyrics are facile and shoddy. The songs have some of the interesting stylistic mix of the 'Tiques' later work, but they mostly show a band struggling to find a sound beyond some combination of Cheap Trick and The Ramones. The song's melodies hint at their later work, especially Fail Light, a quieter track that highlight's Rainey's strong voice, but even it smacks of bland rock balladeering. Finally, the sound quality is very sloppy-the first song starts so quickly that it seems to have a few notes cut off.

This is an EP by a then-young band trying to develop its own sound, and as a near-bootleg recording, it's impressive enough to rank 3 sponges. Really, though, if you're enjoying Wardrobe For A Jet Weekend, just stick with that album and wait for the next release. Like simmering soup, I suspect their interesting mixture of musical genres will continue to blend and mature.

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