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  Source: Remix  
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I think it should be clear to you at this point that i like the drone, the subdued beat, and the mellow wandering vocal-less tune. Ambient, dronecore, dreampop -- call it what you will, but i listen to lots of this stuff. I review little of it (it's very hard to describe), but i do absorb lots of it.

Yellow6 is the project of one guy, Jon Attwood, a guitarist based in Leicestershire, UK. Additionally, Yellow6 is, in my humble opinion, one of the best there is in this genre. His guitar drones are exquisite, and the programmed beats he plays over are slow and fuzzed out. It's beautiful music to just sit and listen to.

Now, i know that a lot of you out there are thinking, "Jeez, PostLibyan is ranting about his ambient fetish again", but before you click to leave, let me state that Source: Remix transcends the level of mere "ambient release". Ambient music is written off as irrelevant, but here Yellow6 has pulled some friends from critically acclaimed acts (Rothko, Landing, Amp) to rework his material.

The results amaze me. As a Yellow6 fan, i looked forward to this disc. But in the months since i recieved it in the mail i have simply adored it. I have listened to it over and over again, and i could go on describing each and every tune.

But i will spare you the fine details and instead discuss the broader categories. I divide the songs on this album into three categories:

  1. Totally ambient (tracks 1 and 11 by Rothko, 7 byAmp, and 8 by Galena)
  2. IDM-influeced electronica (tracks 2 by ::lackluster::, 5 by Bauri, 9 by Phobos3, and 10 by Maps & Diagrams)
  3. Groovey beat dance music for the narcoleptically inclined (tracks 4 by Innerise and 6 by Portal)

There are some real highpoints in all three categories, and i will discuss my favorites briefly.

Although Rothko do a remarkable job of kicking the disc off with a mellow mix, it is the mid-tempo chillout drone of the Amp remix of Snowmelt at Track 7 that really impresses me. The beat is slow and numb, entwined with the deliate guitar drone. It's a deep space exploration that moves at a liesurely pace for, oh, 7 + minutes. This song in some wierd way reminds me of the music of Pub; i think the tone of the music is similar. At any rate, this is well done.

Personally, i think i am about over IDM. More and more of it sounds utterly generic to me (like the Bauri remix of Leitmotiv at Track 5 here). However, ::lackluster::'s remix of Expressway427 at Track 2 shows that the genre still has promise. This is a song of beautiful ambient guitar with subtle dubby beats. The guitar drone is on top, and the beats are light skittering things, scurrying and hissing and popping under the overwhelming wash of guitar. Reference points include Christian Kleine and Fennesz, but with that great Yellow6 drone slightly cut up and looped. This is exactly what i thought that a Yellow6 remix album would sound like, given the current flavour of electronica, and it is a very worthwhile track.

The third category of songs on the disc are, i think, the most interesting. not since the glory days of The Orb (circa 1995 for those of you keeping track) has head-bopping music been so slow paced. I listen and i feel as if i am moving in slow motion: like i am really banging my head to some serious thrash music, but time itself has slowed to a crawl. Maybe Yellow6 is the sound of powerchords stretched out beyond their limit? Maybe i need more coffee!?! Who knows? In particular, Track 6, Portal's remix of Redleitmotiv, takes the Yellow6 drone and layers it over a dance beat -- skitering hi-hat and thumping drums. The drums are spastic, and they add an energy to the drone that it normally doesn't have. Very nice. The other similar tune, Innerrise's remix of Silhouette at Track 4 could very well point to an interesting future for Yellow6. This song really doesn't sound all that different from what Yellow6 normally does. That is to say, the beat is a little funkier than usual, but this could easily fit on a regular Yellow6 release.

Now, if you have been keeping track, you might notice that i have yet to discuss Track 3. That's because it defies my categorization. You see, this tune is a "remix" of Marble#1 by fellow dronesters Landing. I really like these people, but this track sounds less like a remix than it does a cover. Really -- i hear Adrienne Snow's keys, the tinkling guitar of Mark Snow, and the light rhythm section of Dick Baldwin and Daron Gardner. In fact, Mr. Gardner's drumming sounds great here, perhaps because it's the only organic drumming on the disc, and it's "realness" shows through. At any rate, this is a lovely track, but i think it pushes the limit of the term "remix". If you like Landing you will love what they have done here.

So there you have it. I think that this is a brilliant release, and would love to hear other artists play with Yellow6 tunes. If you are a fan of mellower elctronica, then this is an excellent purchase. Drone fans also should hear this to see what is possible within the genre, and for ambient fans Source: Remix is a must have. So, in all honesty, i would recommend this to many people. I certainly have gotten much enjoyment out of it.

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