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  A Psychedelic Guide To Monsterism Island  
  various artists  
  Lo Recordings  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

A Psychedelic Guide To Monsterism Island is a collection of original instrumentals from the likes of Gruff Rhys, Richard Norris, Luke Vibert, and many others. Obviously, it could easily have sounded like some hotchpotch of various disparate strands that have been just thrown together, but instead it all hangs together beautifully to create one of the most enjoyable albums I've heard this year.

Following the intro and the first of a couple of Monsters At Works tracks, the album really kicks in with Marc Shearer's Magam On My Mind which is followed by the almost ridiculously catchy, toe-tapping Designated Wizard Practice Area by Belbury Poly, which comes on some like bubblegum take on Booker T.

And there are loads of other highlights, too...

The jazz-trio-in-a-sweaty-club sounds of Jonny Trunk's Nest We Forget, the Monsters At Works' swampy, hypnotic, almost dubby Fisherman's Jam, and Batfink's disconcerting yet bubbly Crystal Hermitage. Also well worth a listen are the spy movie-like soundtrack All The Wizards In Lockdown by Richard Norris, Advisory Services' Moon Safari-like Lair Of The Grolfax and Richie Crago's sinister flamenco Wandering Black Hole.

If I had to pick a single favourite, however, I think I'd have to plump for Gruff Rhys's early electro sounding Wild Robots Power Up, which is a like some dark brooding take on an early OMD record. Super Furry Animal fans form an orderly queue now!

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