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2000 Year End Best Of

Minion Name:
  The Priestess  
  I don't have any top ten lists for music or movies or TV. As a worker bee and student, I don't have time to hear or see enough to make a judgement call. So, I thought about this past year and what it has meant to me. My oldest and best friend moved away. My oldest and best cat was diagnosed with renal failure. My career is at a stand-still. It would be easy to compose a list of top ten things that really pissed me off this year. But that would be short-sighted. This has been a long, hard year, but it has nonetheless been a good year. So, I decided to make a top ten list of things for which I am grateful. Cheesy, but real. Just like me.  
Top Ten Things for Which I Am Grateful:
10. Christmas comes but once a year. (Whew!)
9. For the first time, I have a 4.0.
8. I will soon be published in Sundog.
7. Within days, we will have heat at my house!
6. My mother is nice to me, and my father... well, he lives out of town.
5. That leaning tree in the yard hasn't fallen... yet...
4.   Petey the hell hound is finally (mostly) housebroken.
3.   Magellan (terminally ill kitty) is still with us.
I have a few friends I think would still love me if they knew who I voted for. (I think...)
And the number one thing for which I am grateful:
1.   My clitoris (and the man who knows how to locate it).


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